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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Easy Womens Hairstyle A Hair Bow Hairstyle

In this post, I wanted to take a step back and get back to the basics. A few people have asked me to find a hairstyle that is dead simple to do. Like literally takes just a minute. Well to be honest, you are planning to have great hair, you are going to need to spend a little bit more time then just a minute. However, I didn't want to find something that will take you hours to do and in this post I think I have found something that is really easy and takes just a few minutes. The results are great too. Lets jump back to the basics today and learn how to do a popular and easy women's hairstyle called the Hair Bow.

Here is what you will need for this tutorial:

Bobby Pins
A Rubber Band
Hair Clips
Hair Spray
Hair Extensions

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1) Position one clip extension at the side of your head (See picture below)

2)  Create a pony tail using just the side parts of your hair and the extensions that was clipped into your hair in the previous step. Use a rubber band to secure ponytail in place.

3)  Divide the pony tail into 3 sections. Clip the 2 sections on the side away

4) Pass the center strand through the rubber band 

5) Tug the clipped side strands to tighten the ponytail

6) Twist one side of your hair in a loop and secure with bobby pins 

7) Repeat step 6 for the other side

 8) Use as much bobby pins as needed to secure the loops and then you are finished. 

I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. As you can see with just a few twists of the hair, you have made yourself a really beautiful looking hair bow. The only tricky part to this tutorial is secureing the hair in place with the bobby pins which could get a little bit tough if you are not familiar with how to work with your hair. However, one you do this a few more times, it will be really simple.

If you prefer to watch a video demonstration. The full video to this tutorial is below: