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Sunday, June 15, 2014

 Braid Style For Girls: The Two Tier Lace Braids

I cannot be more impressed by this beautiful looking two tier lace braids tutorial by Cinthia Truong. Cinthia is truly a talented and creative individual and I am happy to share this hairstyle with the readers of this blog. Cinthia has managed to somehow find a way to turn normal and boring braids into beautiful looking ones. Although the this braid style may look tough, it is actually quite repetitive and anyone who knows how to braid would not have problems with this one.

The Two Tier Lace Braids Cinthia Truong

The finished look is as shown in the picture above. What I love about this style is that it is simply really creative. You create 4 braids that start around your head and come together toward the center towards the mid section of your hair. It is stylish and really unique. You can wear this on a causal date and I bet even your special someone would comment on your hair. Are you ready to learn how this hairstyle is put together? The full tutorial below takes you though this hairstyle step-by-step. You would be amazed at how easy this hairstyle is. Check out the video below to learn this hairstyle now! Be sure to check out other tutorials in this blog for more great hairstyles that I have hand picked!