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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

wedding updos for long hair - the twisted bun

If you are looking around for some really good wedding updos for long hair that you can use on your big day. I think you have come to the right blog. We have tons of wedding hairstyle ideas that you can take a look at and try. We've included the tutorial for each hairstyle so that it will be easier for you to find the hairstyle that you like.

In general, for any hairstyle that you decide to choose for your wedding, I do not recommend that you save it to the last minute. Take a little bit of time out each day and practice. I had a few girls email me the other day because they had to learn a few hairstyles really quickly and some were not working out for their wedding. One thing that I would like to remind you is that all these tutorials that I have found and posted on this blog are all done by very good hairstylist. Therefore, it takes time to master each style.

cute wedding updos for long hair - the twisted bun

 In this post today, I am happy to tell you all that I have found a very nice wedding updo that works really well for long hair. This style is called the Twisted Bun Updo and I would like to thank Cinthia Truong for putting this together. What makes this hairstyle awesome is the fact that you can wear it during the more casual times in your wedding. During your wedding, you will have time to fix your hair a little bit in order to fit the different outfits that you may have ready. This updo gives you a stylish look without being too formal or over the top. Best of all, you can quickly pull it apart and move on to another style whenever you want to.

Just a quick tip: this hairstyle requires a bit of practice and as mentioned before, I highly recommend that you spend a little bit more time practicing it before wearing out. You can always find a stylist to help you do the job. 

Are you ready to learn the steps that is needed for this hairstyle? The step by step tutorial for this hairstyle is posted below! Enjoy and happy styling.